Flat Data Strip         

Our most common data or pricing strip, used on the front of shelves to display price tickets to the best effect.

Available to take ticket sizes 17, 26, 30, 39, 52 & 76mm.

Colours: clear, black, grey, blue, silver, yellow.

Note: Not all colours are available in all sizes.

Angled Data Strip

For a better view on low shelves, angles ticket upwards.

Available in 26 & 39mm ticket sizes

Colours: black, clear.

Hanging Data Strip

Hangable data strips for wire shelves & baskets.

Suits tickets size 26mm

Lengths: 915mm

Colour: clear & black

For attachment loops see below (DBH Loop)

DBH Loop

Used in conjunction with Hanging Data Strip

Top Fix Data

Top Fix Data Strip for glass shelves.

Self adhesive strip under top edge.

For ticket sizes 26 & 30mm.

Available in clear.


Digital Price Ticket

Programmable digital LCD sign.

60 x 45mm

Can be freest&ing, magnetic, self-adhesive or clip into data strip.

2 year battery life

ONLY $15.00 + gst each

Specials Pockets

To highlight discounts, these ticket holders clip into the data strip.


Soft PVC pocket with a hard hinge to attach to data strip.

Available in A4 - A8.

Special sizes also available.



A soft PVC pocket with a flap to insert into data strip.

Available in A6 & A7.